Economic Benefits

Our priority: To educate Alaskans about the economic benefits and positive environmental effects of the cruise industry on Alaska.

Economic benefits:

The cruise industry benefits ALL Alaskans and is a critical component of our state’s economy!

In a peak travel year, over one million visitors reach Alaska by cruise ship. 

In Alaska, the cruise industry generates $1.35 billion per year, through $914 million in direct spending by passengers and $465 million in wages to 14,500 Alaska workers. Cruising provides $100 million annually in revenues to state and local governments and contributes over $2 million annually to Alaskan nonprofit organizations.

Cruise ships arriving in Alaska bring passengers that don’t just stop at the ports.  They travel inland to state parks, stay at hotels along the way, rent vehicles, dine in Alaskan restaurants and buy souvenirs. They take tours and excursions offered by local businesses and travel outside of the state on alternate modes of transportation.  Hundreds of thousands of small and large Alaskan business benefit directly from the cruise ship passenger traffic in Alaska every year. 

Positive Environmental Effects:

Alaska has some of the strictest environmental and safety regulations in the cruise industry. These regulations are enforced by state and federal agencies including the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Cruise companies operating in Alaska have invested millions of dollars to improve to both adhere to and exceed these regulations.  They have invested in the latest technologies to ensure the ship runs on the cleanest of fuels, has cleaner emissions, and discharges wastewater that is cleaner than any other vessels operating in Alaska waters. Companies have adopted aggressive onboard recycling programs to ensure solid waste is kept to a minimum.

Health and safety of our visitors is also of paramount importance. Cruise lines operating in North America currently have the best safety record in the travel industry. Fire teams, highly trained security personnel and emergency medical workers are all present onboard Alaska cruises – making the ships one of the safest forms of transportation.