Restoration of Industry

Our priority: To commit its resources to advancing the restoration and stability of the Cruise Industry in the best interest of Alaska, and Alaskans.

Alaska is unique and extraordinary not only because of its landscapes and natural beauty, but also because of its people.  The history of tourism began as the original pioneers of the state found that visitors from around the world sought to come and visit this great vast land.  Through managed growth the tourism industry has grown into Alaska’s 3rd largest economic engine.

Unfortunately today false assertions, unattainable environmental restrictions, and the image that Alaska undervalues the cruise line industry have created a negative business atmosphere that has been realized internationally.   The people of Alaska stand as one of the states greatest resources. Visionary, idealistic, intelligent, resourceful and passionate, Alaskans are a rare breed.  It is in their best interest to maintain healthy waters, clean air, wild forests, a stable job force, and vibrant industries.  All components of a well managed cruise industry.  Alaskans have the ability to determine the future of this industry.  The vision needs to be directed by stakeholders who can provide truthful and fact based information.  An open dialogue between Alaskans, our elected officials and cruise line representatives is necessary and should be done with the state’s best interest as a priority.  The ultimate goal of AlaskaACT is to restore tourism as a stable sustainable industry with the potential for growth.  The people of Alaska have the ability to create an economic climate today to promote cruise lines to do business in our state in a manner that benefits Alaska and Alaskans in the future.  The fate of tourism is facing a defining moment.